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Our Foundry

foundryA semi mechanized foundry , located in Ambattur industrial Estate Manufacturing castings of various complexities in

  • Grey Cast Iron
  • Ni-Resist Cast Iron
  • Alloy Cast Iron
  • Non ferrous (NAB)

Our Production Process

Machine Moulding

foundryGreen Sand process using Integrated Mechanized Sand Plant comprising of Sand Muller (Batch type 900 kg. capacity) and DISA Intensive Mixer

Return sand conveying system with storage facilities for Return sand as well as new sand

Two Simultaneous Jolt-Squeeze Moulding machines

Mould Car - Mould Track - Transfer Trolly System

Maximum weight of castings per box : 65 Kg

Hand Moulding

Sand used is Sodium silicate, Carbon-di-oxide sand prepared using Batch type Mixer

Maximum weight of single piece casting : 3000 Kg

Shell Moulding

Thermo Setting Phenol Fermaldehyde sand prepared in Batch mixer

Weight range of castings from 1 kg. to 10 kg



Mains Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace of 3000 kg crucible capacity

Medium Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace of 1000 kg Crucible capacity

Magnesium treatment of metal is carried out using Tundish cover - Sandwich method using Fe-Si-Mg as Nodularising Agent


Epi-type Metallurgical Microscope with Oil immersed Objective for magnification up to 1000 x with attachment for Microphotograph

Physical Properties

foundry40 T Universal Testing Machine for determining Tensile Strength

Brinnel Hardness Tester

Non-Destructive Testing

Qualified and Certified External Agencies engaged for Radiography as well as Ultrasonic Testing done periodically to ensure Internal Integrity and Soundness of castings

Chemical Analysis

State - of - Art Spectrometer – Columbus

Rapid Carbon sulphur determinator using Combustion method

Wet Analysis facility as a back-up

foundrySand Testing

  • Compression Strength
  • Shear Strength
  • Permeability
  • Moisture Content
  • Flowability
  • Active Clay / Dead Clay / Total Clay
  • Sieve Analysis of Sand
  • Gelling Index of Clay

Engineering and Pattern Shop

foundryExpertise available for Designing Pattern, core box, Running Gating and Feeding system Well equipped Pattern Shop for regular maintenance of pattern Equipments and also to incorporate Designed systems while Match-plating

Fettling and Finishing

Adequate In-house fettling facilities available